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Well, i for one (these past few weeks) went all
the way back to my beginnings here and forward.
i read others too but mostly i was reading myself.
And my journey here from who i was 13 years ago
to who i am now... is an incredibly one. I can see
now that i came here for so many reasons (most
of them unconscious. Ha!) but the most important
one was for healing. And here in this safe space that
was provided for all of us, we express ourselves in
essays, short stories, poetry, discussion, debate...
about things, ideas, notions, emotions, issues
that were usually somewhat esoterically out there.
We could converse among each other profoundly
(go as deep as we wanted) about anything. And
we could be anyone we wanted to be in order to
experience who we truly were to ourselves and
to others. It was a safe place to go out on limb and
not worry about being judged. As time passed the
creativity and thoughts posted on these boards
became a healing force for me. And not just healing,
but i was also awakening to my multi-demensional
self and seeing connections i'd never seen before
between dreams and memories and people and
past lives. And so much more... still unfolding from
these past 13 years from within myself to the outside.
i am very grateful to you Shirley. Thank you for your
brain-child and Brit, thank you for helping to facilitating
it. 13 years later and i'm still gleaning so much from
these boards.

i will agree with you to some extend about psychological
profiling, but only in how it pertains to our present times.
It's a different world today. With the Patriot Act there is
no real safe haven anymore in cyberspace to go out on
that limb the way we used to on these boards. That could
be part of the reluctance for some (on a sub-conscious level)
to really get out there and express themselves, come what
May (or December). Soft Grin...

Love to All,
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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