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I just recently finished attending an online 10-day seminar sponsored by Hay House called the 2014 World Summit. I am so blessed to be able to have the time to participate in such an event at this time in my life. It was fabulous. Anyway, while listening to one of the speakers, a sudden flash of insight came to me relating to the book We Are of Eternal Love, and I just want to share it.

There is a one-page Prelude to Chapter 1 entitled “The Language”.It is written phonetically with its translation beneath each line as it was given to the author. To the English speaking mind, the words look like gibberish, but when you hear it spoken the connection is felt and its interpretation unique to the listener. In the beginning, I thought the book’s references to the Language were just about that specific Language. Now, this recent flash of insight has expanded my perception to considering it as a Metaphor. Every culture has its own language (English, Spanish, etc.). Yet, if we just relied on the learning of each, many of us would not be communicating with each other. But we can and do communicate in other ways…through our eyes, our touch, music, art, even body language. And underlying all of that is the message on the Prelude’s Language page: Love. We are all one, we all are Love. That is our connection. This, to me, is what the “new energy” of today is all about … connecting, communicating, community, realizing our oneness with everyone and everything, all anchored in Love.

From a depth of love, the author has been gifted (and gifted the reader) with a remarkable way of expressing through words multiple layers of feeling and understanding. Let me illustrate with just one excerpt:

“How can I express beauty in a sense that another would know of the essence that prevailed in this time, in this space? The air was thick with a liquid smell, or so it seemed, in that it enticed us to venture into its depths. As if with instinctual aspects, we followed our sense of smell, our sense of feeling, our sense of knowing, and there again we were brought to the rhythmic flow of the waves of the ocean. The water there was denser, yes, but it was just as cleansing and just as free in its movement. And so, we dove in to find its luxuriant being encasing us, just as the water had done from whence we came.”

Isn't that beautiful? To think of the water as its own luxuriant Being, and as we interact with it, we are one with it. Gives one a whole new sense of experience, doesn't it? This to me is the power of books like this, which I consider of a spiritual nature. They speak to our sub-conscious, and through their story, they teach and can birth a meaningful shift in our understanding of life.

Blessed Be,
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