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I figured more of this out since yesterday. The one thing I've said above that doesn't feel true is the statement about separation. It is true on the physical organism simple/basic level, but it is not true on the spiritual level. I want to clarify that. Everything is interconnected - I certainly see that now more than ever. Some of that above long essay may be a little distorted or backwards here & there, but in the main it represents a balancing effect in my own consciousness. It makes sense to me but it is evolving a lot. I do think the marrying ideas thing is very insightful, because a lot of people with strongly rationalist or atheist views are fundamentalist about it, the very thing they say they criticize. I've read a lot of political and intellectual books over the last several years, authors like Chomsky, Michael Albert, Kolko (barely), a new book on Wittgenstein I just got, Schopenhauer -- and these men tend to be atheistic or agnostic and what I'd call extremely rational. There is a subtle thing here with denying the reality of a situation, and understanding that overfocusing on negativity is a bad thing, so it's a balancing effect. I'd say Chomsky has done the best job in that respect. I love reading and hard facts, but also my spiritual life has deepened because I see more of the world and reading more.

Chomsky is right in his fringe theory I think -- language encapsulates thought and is for thought beings -- it's not for communication. What I mean is, language is not designed for communication -- it was designed for transferring thoughts, and it does that very well actually.

Note added 6/4/14: I can see now that the reptilian phenomenon was very real for me, and you can see by reading what I had written above how profoundly it had restricted my consciousness. There has to be a third point of view for the canvas of duality, something I thought today; in other words, consciousness is the third point of view, and getting stuck in the duality is what keeps us out of balance. Amazing insights I'm having and with the synchronicities of the last month I've had, particularly in Boston with the numbers 3, 6 and 9 -- the flowering of consciousness -- I am truly amazed at what I have learned about my own male-centered need for separation and duality and fighting all the way. It's always the females in my life who help me draw things back to the middle and I'm so grateful for them and for feminine energy. I wanted to clarify some of my newfound realizations, to avoid confusion with readers.
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