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I will take a look at Dan Winter. I think there are different species of the reptilians, thus the maybe conflicting experiences others have had. I have also noticed that in the last 2-3 days, I realized it's refined sugar that is making me feel the sugar crash, and I've not much had that happen before. I don't think they are demonic in the literal sense obviously, they are just other creatures trying to survive. I don't believe in the devil and demons and that sort of thing, but I did use the symbolism to simply make a point is all. I think it's all working towards our own evolving. We even make agreements with these beings on a different level of awareness so there is no real victimization, but I surely understand it can look like that and maybe sometimes it is. I've noticed a big need in myself to fight all the way with my evolving and it really bothers me, I am working now on balance as paramount. It's an ongoing process and it takes effort & work. The sugar thing is important though - but I still do drink a soda every so often, just don't overdo it or use honey. Honey is really good with tea and I love the bee energy. I think whatever the reptilians are, when you start really looking at yourself honestly, they just don't find it so appealing to stay. Maybe it's a consciousness symbolism of simply evolution itself, and they are not literally in another dimension, but they have been in another experience in the 90s I had, so obviously somehow they are intertwined with us. Tom Kenyon is fantastic in explaining energy work which I've been doing with Hathors, really good stuff. Things will work out for the best, beana! I wish you much love and good fortune and blessings!
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