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Marion 427, you raise some interesting questions about the reptiles and the dark side. My few experiences of the reptiles have been the experience of feeling something very demonic.

In order to counteract the dark side I try to live a balanced life. Eating the right foods and getting enough physical activity. Having a job helps especially since I have a weak animus. And of course prayer, meditation and developing witness consciousness.

A few weeks ago I heard and interview with Dan Winters. He is a genius and has some interesting things to say about parasitic aliens. The ones that created us have a different blood chemistry. They are fascinated by us because we have iron in our blood. Maybe there has been human sacrifice throughout the world because of their fascination with our blood. The Mayan Kings used to cut their genitals and offer their own blood to the Gods.

Dan Winter has some very far out things to say about our DNA. One thing is behaviors which cause our blood to revert to our Draco Ancestors. Fried foods, coca cola, low oxygen, genetic monoculture, radioactive environments, need to be recognized for what they are: biologically a reversion toward a soulless past.

I guess they are jealous of us because we can get in touch with the planet. He says their silicon based nervous system means higher electrical propagation velocity creates more telepathy but with low frequency in the EEG brain waves. Empathy is virtually eliminated such as feeling for big things like planets as a whole.

He says the draco leaders are nitrogen breathing, cyanogen exhaling yet poisoned by oxygen and even water is not good for them and they are highly flammable.

Now I know if I was ever abducted and taken to an underground base to be experimented on, I would pray to the Angels for help. As soon as they freed me and I was running down one of the corridors with them chasing me, I would take some of the buckets the janitors used to clean the floors with and throw them on the reptiles. I would hear them scream “I am melting, I am melting” like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz.
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