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Recent events in my own life are showing me my multidimensional aspects. One of them went back to 1992 and even further back in my life (I'm 45). I knew a young female friend at 16-17 whose father was working at NASA in Texas. I think it had something to do with ETs. Today, I did a lot of energy work. An embedded reptilian came out of me (this has happened once before in 2002). They seem to feed off negativity and fear. This particular one was fairly deep and my connection with it was a sacrifice it did with my own child or a child I felt connected to hundreds of years back, during Aztec times, and had to do with iron and their own goals. Somehow they are genetically related to us, or have a role to play in our development, and it's not negative. It surely seems negative sometimes. I felt this reptilian literally peel away from the mucous membranes inside my head and body and it was quite liberating. Just food 4 thought - we really do need to talk about these other species and how they affect all of us. I don't like the dishonesty of them, hiding away in shadows inside of us and feeding off fear, those aspects I don't think are working to their advantage in the long run, yet they are part of our karmic destiny.
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