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Default On Audet

I am certain our minds are being manipulated. I am convinced something else is behind it, it's not just cultural stuff. There is a negativity, a negative force behind it, it is wound up in subtle threads of propaganda and I think it's coming from off planet beings that are malevolent. I do not know why they feel this way, but I also understand our will is sovereign and they can only do so much. Just a few days ago, I felt a veneer of negativity crumble away, as if I had to exert a tremendous amount of anger and energy just to break out of it, and I was quite shocked. It's real, and we all need to do our inner work and heart work and Shirley is 100% right in the Audet interview - it was worth sharing for sure with her listeners because it helped me a lot, it helped me find messages of Mary Magdalen and many other teachers, all in a few hours time.
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