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Default The Big Elephant

The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

The sky opened up and embraced me.
It was as if the Universe came to greet me.
The Galaxy swirled before me and took me
To where I had never been before.

As I was spinning in the unison of my being
Within The All That Is, my Spirit drifted me
Into the unison of the complex actualities of
What is called the singular mind.

Within this significance I came to find
That there are many components
Of this specification of the existence of
This principle of the One Being Within.

The Singular Mind then comes to the addressing
Of the Composite Mind and then attaches itself
To form the Mind of Comparative Thinking
Which lends itself to accomplish all.

Within this notion then resides
All intentions and presents itself
In a flurry of delight
As in the motion of the sea.

Nothing seems to be quantitative at this point
It just simply is in it's delight...

Hmmm, seems we have come into the new energies
And now we must figure out how to embrace them.

Life Is Opportunity
Imagination - the Beginning of Creation
Life is Good
Belief Becomes
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