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Originally Posted by ShelleyD
Haha Chi! How great!
Children's television how they have changed!

I know a lot about Romper Room.....not because I want to....but because I grew up with the lady who hosted that show from 1967-1997. Ten years of "live" TV shows 5 days a week....with about 6 pre-schoolers, makes for some good stories.
She will be 81 this year and remarkably all of those now big "kids" still recognize her.

As for the other shows mentioned.....I loved Captain Kangaroo....I don't know why though. Lol
As for Mister Rogers......the verdict was out on that one, because although I thought he was a very nice man and made good sense....those puppets rather creeped me out.
I did love Shari Lewis as well.....her Lamb Chop was not creepy.

Thanks Chi for a nice stoll down memory lane.

Have been reading some of the threads from the past.
i loved the ones with lots of participation, you know.
The ones with collective creativity are the best, i think.
Thanks for your thoughts in the present Shelley
Love, Chi
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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