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Default Hey Wolfdog!

Originally Posted by Wolfdog
Blessings and Love. No need to thank me. You and Sean are so brave and aware of the fact that no matter is all illusion in this divine dance anyway.
It is when we are actually suffering as humans in this dance that the real clearing is happening. Only the brave ones...the greatest teachers agree prior to birth to experience such suffering as you and your son have had to and chosen to experience. When in a physical body it is hard to accept sometimes that on the other side we made these agreements which truly teach so many about real love and gratitude for their safety and their lives which may often seem easier depending on their karma. We come without strings and go without chains but, most do not understand this fact of existence. It takes great teachers like you and Sean to help wake some up from a sleeping soul and point the way to clarity and divine awareness and gratitude for the life experience.
I Love you and your son...stay strong,

Hey Wolfdog, I was reading my book today, page 151 the end of the last full paragraph where Nomi was telling "The Whistler" about why she thought she was having this life experience, she said, "It came to me today that I am here to leave my seed among these energies, so that maybe someday, they would be influenced in some way to let go of their fears." Nomi had earlier realized that people succumbed to fear (Miya's original question) because they do not feel loved and they do not know how to love themselves.

Reading my book again is like reading it for the first time with my awareness of today, so I am getting yet a new layer from its meaning. I feel truly blessed.

Yes, my son and I have discussed that we made a blueprint for this life experience and we are living it and how much we have helped each other grow in understanding of who we truly are and how to be the best we can be in any circumstance. We have also thanked each other for our sacrifices to help each other get to where we need to be. As well, we have thanked Sean's father for his sacrifices in order to give us the opportunity to be the best we can be.

Sweet Pea (Peg Onelight) asks, "If we are all knowing, why do we come back to the 3D to forget to have to remember it all again. What is the point?"

Interesting that the phone rang just as I completed the above sentence and it was Sweet Pea. I told her what I had just written and then we began to discuss her question. She has come to some new understandings since she asked this question and I think I will just leave it to her to answer her own question in her own timing....

I love it how these things happen, such synchronicity...

Love you Wolfdog and love all of you,
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