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Default Peg's NDE through my Eyes!

Hi Norma Rae,

Peg (Sweet Pea) has asked me to jot down my remembrances of her NDE from my remembrance. Let me see....

We were sitting in a little bar in Grand Lake, CO elevation around 9000ft. We hadn't been there long and had just received the beer that we ordered and had maybe taken a sip or two when we started discussing the NDE I had back in 1994. Suddenly Sweet Pea said that she needed to go to the bathroom and got up and moved around me to the end of the bar when I saw her hesitate. I sensed something wrong and jumped up and reached for her arm just as she was beginning to fall. I pushed my thigh into her body to brace her as I held her arm, she went slowly down to the floor and was flat on her back. Because I had been able to brace her fall, she had a gentle landing.

Her eyes were wide open and vacant. I crouched down over her and put my right hand upon her upper chest. I felt no movement, no breath, just an eerie stillness. With my hand upon her chest and looking deeply into her vacant eyes I started calling her back to me. "Sweet Pea, come back to me." Over and over again, I calmly kept stating, "Sweet Pea, come back to me."

A crowd had gathered around us, when one guy asked if he should call "911". I raised my left hand in a signage of "stop" and said, "Wait, just wait!"
I then continued to call her back to me with my right hand on her chest, "Sweet Pea, come back to me, come back to me." I don't know how many minutes had passed when I felt a catch in her breath and a flickering in her eyes and her consciousness came back into her body. She opened her eyes to meet mine hovering over her. She took a minute to connect again and adjust to her surroundings and all the people surrounding us. I asked, "You okay?" "Yeaaahhhh", she said with a voice of uncertainty. "You ready to get up?" "Yeahhhhhh", she said and then asked, "What happened?"

I think it was then that I said, "I think you just left your body. Where did you go?" You said, "All I remember is darkness."

Sweet Pea has hazel eyes that change with whatever she wears, like gray, green. But that night, after that experience, they were the most crystal blue I had ever seen them. It was amazing! We stayed and had a most joyous time talking with other tourists and hometown people as well. Ahhhh, I just relived that experience. Wow, I remember thinking, "Don't you leave me up here in the mountains by myself, you better come back to me girl!"

Ahahahha, we have had so many special experiences and still are....

Love, Deb
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