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Wow Steph, fantastic experience!

You ask if this could possibly be a communication from an Ariel entity. IMHO, due to your active inner work and intention, there is no doubt that you are connecting to your Higher Self. As far as the name Ariel, why not? After all, there are a lot of Johns and Susans, etc in the world, so why not in the non-physical realms too? It may or may not be "the Angel Ariel", but rather more importantly, I would guess that this name was given because somewhere deep in your subconscious, Ariel qualities you possess need to be recognized and surface now in your present life's journey. Pema Norpal is our resident Angel lady and I bumped up for you her last post about the Angel Ariel for Nov 8-12 in case you would like to read it in the Angels thread.

Also, here is a link with info on the color pink:


Like you, I question everything no matter the source, and I really listen and feel if the message resonates with me or not. I love the way you are connecting the dots and applying them to your daily life. You go girl !!

Blessed Be,
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