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Default last night's meditation/hypnosis

Oh boy . . . things are getting wild and wooly for me . . .

Background: I know very little (practically nothing . . . okay, nothing at all) about angels, angel names, angel lore, mythology, hierarchy, meaning, history, colors, nothing.

Okay, so . . . last night, first practiced my yoga, and then settled in for a meditation/hypnosis (I say both because I don't really know how deep I am going, but it is starting to feel pretty deep). During this practice, I again saw darkness, floating colors, and heard a voice. The color I saw--very prominent and vibrant--was pink. I've never seen pink before during meditation. And it wasn't going away or mixing with other colors. It floated along what felt like the left and right sides and also right in front of me. Later in the meditation, we are to invite our Higher Self ("HS") to meet us and then ask its name. I did so, and the almost immediate name I received was "Ariel." Never thought of this name before, has no meaning to me in this conscious life. Then I have a little chat with Ariel, and I won't post all of what I heard, but this was one sentence: "You have had lives of great wanting and fighting." Probably makes complete sense that I became a lawyer in this life--much arguing ("fighting") and wanting reconciliation and protection for my client.

Immediately after the practice, I journal this in my notebook and then look up information about Ariel on the internet. Here's some of what I found: "Seeing pink light nearby may also alert you to Ariel's presence, because her energy corresponds mostly to the pink light ray in the system of angel colors . . ."

Upon reading that, my jaw dropped to the floor. When I finally managed to pick my mandible back up off the floor, I pondered further what this meant to me. I think it was first, yet again, another "confirmation" that my HS sent to me. Knowing that I am an attorney trained to question everything, trained to be skeptical and trust my head over my heart (believe me, I am work on balancing this everyday, which has helped my law practice, actually), my HS sent another confirmation--something that I could not possibly have known without knowledge from my HS or a higher source/being/etc. Second, perhaps this was communication from an Ariel entity? Could it be?

I am still stunned.

Love and light to you all,
"I wasn't going to spend my life doing what had already been done." - Georgia O'Keeffe
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