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Hi Steph,
Before responding to your latest entry, I just want to clarify a point in my previous post about my experience with the darkness. I was not meditating nor under hypnosis, I literally collapsed in a public place and "died". It was Deb who called me back to this dimension.

I am finding it interesting that some of your experiences are bringing up memories of some of my own experiences in the past, which are kind of similar to yours. There are no accidents, so I can only conclude that your sharings are perhaps meant for me to relook at those events in my life with a newer perspective? So, thank you, I will do just that

Your mention of floating colors during hypnosis...for a long long time, it used to be for me that right before going to sleep, I would see very strongly in my mind's eye (3rd eye?) specific floating chakra colors. Sometimes just one color, and at other times, two colors. Mostly they would appear as ball-shaped, but at other times as a floating free-form shaped. I always perceived this as my Higher Self communicating to me to focus on that chakra color and see what it reveals to me. Now maybe this is something that is quite common, but I have to admit, you are the only one who has mentioned it.

Your brief images of a small hand, pen/pencil, pad of paper, and small cowboy curious....what comes to your mind about each? Its almost like dream interpretation, symbols for other meanings?

It reminds me of one of the most visual meditations I have ever had back in 2002 and just shortly after joining this website. Here's what I experienced :

2 images appeared before me, one after the other.

In the first, I saw appear before me on my right side a terra cotta pot with dirt, and then seeds that sprang into a little plant, kinda like those chia plants on TV. And I sensed it had berries on it, but it came and went so fast, I canít be sure.

In the second, I saw 2 arms entering from my left side and holding a medium brown stuffed bear, yes a teddy bear!! It also was placed on the right side of my vision in a kind of semi-profile. The bearís left eye as I looked at it was the most brilliant shade of light amber and beaming out of it were these glorious sparking white lights. (Now donít tell me in a previous life I was a stuffed teddy bear!!) LOL

In a nutshell, my thoughts at the time were its obvious this was not about a past life, but maybe another aspect of myself communicating clues to trigger a deeper awareness of who I Am. For instance, the pot sprouting the plant was showing me that I was growing in awareness, and very rapidly, with the berries representing the fruit of my labor. The right side is our giving side, so I perceive that as giving to myself from the fruit of my labor and sharing it with others in some way.

The teddy bear represents to me childlike, softness, and love. The left side of our body is the receiving side. The sparkles of light coming from the amber eye I interpret as enlightenment. Amber itself is a stone of cleansing and purification and spiritually represents connecting our individual energy with the Cosmic energy.

Anyway, just wanted to thank you again for your sharing. Its assisting me with my continued growth!

Blessed Be,
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