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Peg, Thank you so much for your comments and sharing your own experiences with the darkness during meditation and hypnosis. The darkness certainly did feel comforting . . . I had more darkness today during the next hypnosis:

Practiced a childhood memory/connection to past life hypnosis today and came up with, yet again, vast darkness with the occasional floating colors of blue (common for me in meditation), yellow, and white. No images except for a brief flash of a small hand with a pen/pencil and pad of paper and brief flash of the image of a single small cowboy boot. That's it.

When asking my Higher Self ("HS") why I see nothing when trying to connect with my childhood/past lives, HS said the fact that I fear seeing nothing so much is actually attracting the darkness to me. When I asked what do I need to do, the answer was to "return to us." When asking what else I needed to know right now, the answer was to know that she heard you and will come to you.

Not sure what this all means, but it seems I connect much more audibly than visually? Or at least that's the frequency I am open to at the moment.

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