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Default For Deb

Blessings and Love. No need to thank me. You and Sean are so brave and aware of the fact that no matter is all illusion in this divine dance anyway.
It is when we are actually suffering as humans in this dance that the real clearing is happening. Only the brave ones...the greatest teachers agree prior to birth to experience such suffering as you and your son have had to and chosen to experience. When in a physical body it is hard to accept sometimes that on the other side we made these agreements which truly teach so many about real love and gratitude for their safety and their lives which may often seem easier depending on their karma. We come without strings and go without chains but, most do not understand this fact of existence. It takes great teachers like you and Sean to help wake some up from a sleeping soul and point the way to clarity and divine awareness and gratitude for the life experience.
I Love you and your son...stay strong,
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