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Default Thank you for the welcome

I feel like asking so many questions. I enjoy a vegan, wheat-free diet. I look for vegan recipes wherever I can. Please feel free to send me personal messages with your ideas for dishes. I study everything that I can. I experience everything that I can. I have settled into a rhythm of domestic travel for business. I love taking road trips rather than flying. In March I drove to Tacoma, Washington from Atlanta for a job that will last into August. If there is anybody out this way that would like to get together to explore the surroundings, then let me know. Feel free to send me personal messages with ideas of places to visit. I am taking piano lessons and working on my masters degree. My challenge now is learning how to communicate with people. My son is in the army in Germany and has aspirations to become a politician/activist....I enjoyed seeing him in protests. I hold those photos close to my heart. I look forward to meeting all of you and chatting a bit.
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