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Sounds like a wonderful experience, Steph.
And thank you for taking the time to share
what you are learning with all of us.

I always find it so amazing when I recognize
synchronicity in my life, and this blue moon
connection with you sounds like it is at just
the right timing. Don't ya love it?

I loved what you shared about your first practice...
that you were in a relaxed dark space. It reminds
me of an experience I had several years ago, I guess
it was an NDE (at least Deb said I was gone ... not
breathing and vacant eyes, etc). Unlike what most
people report about being surrounded in the Light,
I was surrounded in darkness, and it was so peaceful
and I was so in awe of it, for I felt myself (formless)
just observing it. My understanding is that black is an
elegant combination of all colors and can represent
your unconscious. Its a color of transformation, so
what you experienced, and what I experienced,
seems to be right in line with that. Cool, huh?

Thank you again for sharing. Looking forward to
more updates.

Blessed Be,
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