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Default Judy Garland Sings "Once In A LifeTime" - It Will Take Your Breath Away

This past weekend I went on a Judy Garland marathon. I watched every song, concert and interview I could find, and I had the time of my life. I came across a song I never heard Judy perform called "Once In A Lifetime". This is the most beautiful and passionate song Judy ever sang. It took my breath away, and made me cry too. I never cried hearing a song before.

Judy was and still is the greatest entertainer that ever lived. We were so lucky to have had her here on this planet to share her extraordinary gifts. She was extremely loving, very warm and a beautiful soul. She had that extra something special. Like she sang in this song, "Im gonna do great things", and boy she certainly has.

June Allyson said it best. "Judy's talent was so overwhelming, and the drugs and alcohol fueled her awesome talent". It was inevitable that her life here on earth was to be cut short.

Judy Garland I love and miss you, and I know, somewhere over the rainbow, you are doing great things.
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