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Default Chat Room Tech Assistance?

Hello All,

Tonight in Chat, we were talking about possibly setting up a conference call or a Skype session to all get together and walk through the issues folks have been having with getting into Chat. Some of us have luckily been able to figure out the fix (I admit that I could not figure it out without many tries and assistance with people here).

Would you guys be interested in that? Those of us who've figured it out can walk you through what to do on your computer.

Let us know which interface you prefer: (1) Skype; or (2) conference call.

Also, what days of the week and times of day (Eastern, Central, Pacific, Mountain) would work best. Perhaps the more people we can have on the call the better? At least for the first go at it?

Hope to hear from you all. The more the merrier and rollicking in chat!

Namaste from the midwest,
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