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Originally Posted by GentleRick
The first half was about purifying my body and carrying prayers in a good way. I began each day by opening my chakras to light from Mother Earth, and also to cosmic light from above. They meet in my heart where my prayers are carried. Where Creator can see them and also the place where I go to see you all, and where you can find me.

Mother came in a dream, calling me "El Hijo" (the son) and tended to me as a mother horse tended to her foal, needing calming. Later, she asked me if I would walk with her pains. They came into my body and I let them flow through what in Chinese medicine and alchemy are called "the triple burners". Her pain became ecstatic light in my body through alchemical transformation. Then I could give that light to her.

Every day is an opportunity to release something and offer healing for self and the collective. Every day is a ceremony. I do my best to "sit in my seat" and be conscious, but of course, there is so much happening at once. I am quite blind often.

But the hospitaleros who volunteer to manage the places where pilgrims rest, they seem to understand. And Spirit always puts a person in my path with words or deeds to guide.

What has been uncovered inside thus far is a core of joy. I can see my true nature through this. And I am learning how to share from this place.

I will save the other visions for later....
Much love to everyone here for encouragement and prayers!


Wow... How beautiful. Truly beautiful.
Thank you for sharing this Rick.
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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