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Default We Are of Eternal Love by Miya Lusions

I am grateful to have read We Are of Eternal Love, one of my favorite books, several times now. I say grateful because I was able to read it before it was published—I am lucky enough to know the author personally. She graciously allowed me a copy of her ground-breaking work.

(As an aside, Miya is the “real” creator of this book which she wrote using the author as a channel.)

We Are of Eternal Love is a book like no other. While written in English, the choice of words, cadence and subject matter seem other-worldly. The rhythm of the phrasing draws you in and beckons you to find the deeper meaning. Each sentence is layered with texture and depth. There is so much content here that this book can be read time after time with new discoveries made each time. It becomes a familiar friend with hidden profundities deliciously revealed.

The story is an autobiography. It covers the expanse of three lifetimes existing in one. The first life begins without form and in an almost psychedelic explosion becomes a physical being. The description of how this comes about is reading of Creation Itself. This lifeform becomes Miya, and Chapter One is dedicated to her life among the peoples of Mayan times. There is much to be relished in her life in these times, not the least of which is the greatest love scene I have ever read. It leaves nothing to the imagination, and yet it leaves everything. It is unprecedented in its beauty.

This life leaves Miya unfulfilled, however, and to learn about fear she chooses to take on another persona, that of Nomi, a Native American. It is during Nomi’s life that she fully realizes that she is part of a collective “we.” She has flashbacks and flash-forwards to other existences that bring her to realize that she is many personalities in one, a “whole being within the whole of being.”

Anon, our third person, is leading a challenging but fulfilling life in the present time. The chapters and passages devoted to her are intriguing and, as seen through Nomi’s eyes, compelling. She and Nomi develop a bond that extends beyond space and time. All three women become aware that together they are so much more than just one individual.

Much of the book is seasoned with reflections from Miya. She has a broader perspective than most of us. We are given the benefit of her wisdom. Everyone can gain from the knowledge she imparts.

In summary I would like to say that this is one of the finest books I have read. Don’t let its different style of writing put you off. You will miss out on some fine stories and a ton of insight. And the style will come to haunt you as you remember the stories and their meanings.
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