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I guess I want answers and solutions to the many problems facing humanity now. It seems like the E.T.ís arenít giving any. From a vision I had a few years ago, I know some of them are helping us in the field of agriculture. I know that there have been many breakthroughs in organic fruit production in the past few years. Maybe they had some influences in that.

I have had a few experiences with a baby who I was told was an incarnation of Christ. I was watching a Christian movie and I was feeling blocked. I cried out that I wanted to meet Christ. I was told you have been heard. I had a vision of my Chakras System. I saw some darkness in one of the Chakras. Then I felt some healing energy clear the darkness.

I was told that Christ would be a lot kinder then most of the spiritual teachers that are on the planet now. I was shown Gurumayi. I had a vision of Deepak Chopra crying. He was crying because he connected with Christ and had a breakthrough. I recently had a vision of Texas. Maybe the Christ child is in Texas.

I think there are many ideas that could help people and make life on planet Earth more harmonious. They just have to be implemented. Maybe the Christ is on the planet now to help with this process.
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