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Smile Hi brit and all

Hi Brit

We are children of a light source, The Divine Light or the highest hologram in the universe, coming from another universe. And multiple skills where we have the abilities to create and development different levels of the inner core of our own informatics from the core of the inner knowledge we can use to our self and others.

Star born could bee how we all are born from the same star seed, from the same energy source from the same energy there came here in the “empty” universe…we are the same particle there exploded in the silence wholeness, from a place we us the people in this now, never could and can imagine.

We are the same matter and antimatter of the wholenenes and we can do the same on the same time, if we one day is coming so fare that we have the same understanding of creation, of the universal knowledge. (The differences by time age is: when a star seed a white dwarf is explode, into photons (light particles) they have been spread out and been split into the DARK LIGHT in the universe, and from this invisible dark light, there were something I cant explain…in the dark matter there could be the complexity of the universal DNA where the star seed have fusion the matter/dark density of material and into this fusion we US the human, animals, and all is been born from.....
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