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Originally Posted by ULLA RUNCHEL
Year gradually this is comprehended. It is revolutionary. There have been experiments with many healing methods. The organic heart is now functioning well, lungs and liver can almost be exchanged by this new healing process, but the kidneys continue to be problematic, although a breakthrough in improving their capacity to eliminate waste products, is close.
We are well on our way into space. Humanity has contact with impulses from other civilizations through ultrasound oscillations. Thousands of different experimental approaches are being made to what is just on the edge of discovery. We have overcome the majority of diseases. Optimism is in every country around the globe. Different religions are being dissolved through the understanding of a communal God. We are on our way to controlling the weather and the climate through parabolic discs, distributing rain, snow and sun. The purpose being to ensure that everybody has food on the table, that there are no more floods and that the destructive tornadoes are pacified.
It will take a couple of hundred years to gain influence over earthquakes. This will happen by vibrating sound oscillations bio-energetically into the crystal in the middle of Mother Earth via crystal parabolic discs from space, or by the help from other planets, but this is very far into the future. Maybe the Earth vibrates on such high octaves in the year 3000 that we are sharing the vibrations and can influence the infra structure of the Earth together, so that inner earthquakes and other eruptions will ebb away in the frequencies of the magnetic field around the Runchel.
i feel like i have been in space (out there) (Huge Grin)
for a long time now; as i feel you have too dear Ulla. We are (ALL)
after all made from the stuff stars are made of. Throughout this life
and other lives we seem to remember this, then forget this,
then remember this, then forget...

Today i'm remembering.

Enjoy the day!
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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