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Default Mom

i'm not big on the whole Jesus thing but i am big
on Spring renewal. Happy Spring!
Don't get me wrong i think Jesus was a beautiful
entity with beautiful gifts that he shared with humanity
and i do believe the heart and soul of humanity is
better for him having walked the earth and i have
enormous respect and love for his teachings and i
do honor him on this day. And i add that i do believe
in God "that something greater than myself" that
brings things into existence.
I just don't buy into the "you're going to hell unless
Christian" dogma. In my opinion, between the
Fundamentalist Christian Churches and the Catholic
church (especially), it's like watching Pinky and Brain
trying to control and rule the world.
If you haven't seen
one of those cartoons, (it's Steven Spielberg at his best
in cartoon land) i'm sure you can find an episode or two
on youtube.
Huge Grin...
That being said, i'm off to church service with mom. She
usually goes alone every Sunday (Catholic) as i refuse
to go... but i make a point to go with her on Easter
and Christmas. Love, Chi

Pinky & the Brain

((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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