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Thumbs up Apr 13 - ET Presence

Join me Sunday - April 13 - 6PM PDT - 9 PM EDT on IE for:

Renato Longato is a Peruvian-American, currently lives in California USA. He was born in Lima, Peru and holds a BS degree in Law and Political Science at the University Inca Garcilazo. Renato has researched the UFO phenomena since his initial experiences with this enigmatic and fascinating phenomenon back in 1979. In 1990 Mr. Longato developed mystical-esoteric tourism for the Peruvian Tourism Fund. Mr. Longato has written two books in Spanish entitled Message from the Andes, and Gods of the Past Enigmas of the Inca Architecture.

His book: ET Presence: Role of USA and New World Visions offers a new perspective about the presence of extra-terrestrials and how their arrival over the last sixty years has been hidden, ignored and covered up in the USA.

This should be a very enlightening conversation!
Tune in!
Love & Light,
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