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i wait to be full. These days it takes longer
for me to become full, not sure why...
Perhaps it's a universal thing we all encounter
as we grow older. We dream less and think
more. Soft Grin...
My mother arrived at the airport at the exact
time of your Oprah Winfrey interview's first
airing. She lives between Chicago & NY these
days. A month there and then a month here
and so on.
i was able to glimpse the second showing,
but not without distraction and suppressed
annoyance. Ha!
The following Sunday, i remained in my
bedroom that morning and was finally able
to watch and listen without interruption.
Wishing I had been able to see it again.
We have 4 cable boxes in this house; none
of them DVR.
Anyway one thing that struck me, "it would be
nice to have "a gathering of like minds willing
to take creative risks to find out who we truly
are, who we were, to see where it would lead..."
You didn't say this exactly but i knew what you
meant or at least what it meant to me and i
thought about that for a long while...
It boils down to spontaneity. i think. We come
to know fear of risk the first time we become
fearful of an action's consequence. It's yet
another bite of that proverbial apple and
suddenly spontaneity disappears and with it
that creative force that opens up metaphysical
doors. But where there is spontaneity, fear of
risk does not (and even more profound) cannot
enter into the equation at all...
Funny how some states of being push other
states of being right out of the way...
Something else that came to me:
Fear of Risk is a learned thing. Spontaneity just is.
Reverie just is. That state of being deep inside
ourselves (who we truly are) just is.
Perhaps such learned things are the real pieces of
that proverbial apple we keep biting into? And the
Garden of Eden a metaphor for "Just Is".
But who can resist a slice of apple now and then
with a good red wine and some cheese? Ha!
What to do? Perhaps we should
Think less, dream more and love. Just keep loving...
Once again Ms MacLaine, you send me.
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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