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Most of Gonny's FB friends are dog and animal lovers, Afghan Hounds in particular. Her decision to commit euthanasia stirred controversy. She was Dutch so it is legal there as long as someone is of sound mind.

Here was my post that began lots of discussion, much about our own experiences with the souls of others:

Here's how I think we animal lovers might understand the idea of euthanasia for those of sound mind. I've had lots of animals who wanted to struggle till the very end and die that way. Hattie, however struggled valiantly, but I knew she wanted to be euthanized because she just couldn't go on. So, reluctantly I did so. The vet checked just to make sure she was dead. I told him I knew she'd left. I was holding her, my arms around her, and felt her soul leave her body.

During the last 6 mos. of her life Hattie and I grew closer. I knew more than ever what she was thinking. I also felt her fevers and knew her pain. It was overbearing. That time we had together was important in deepening and extending our lasting bond. So when she died to hear her voice internally, and have what she told me be proved correct, was another gift from the soul realm.

And this, which followed a day or so later. I woke up and had begun my daily internet routine of reading and answering emails, reading the latest news, checking on FB and so on:

Gonny is shouting joyously now, so much that I cannot ignore her and do my usual internet work. "I am well. I am well! Please ell them I am well!" She wants us to remember that we are here to learn to love one another and creation. Practice compassion for all. Please stay away from pettiness and unkindness. Her life and her death are meant to underscore this fundamental truth.

To this many responded with their own paranormal experiences regarding Gonny--and others.
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