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The Time Machine

Via old drawings from his father Stanley had ventured to invent a special infrared light machine. The device could receive and expose his kind of 3D thoughts, and in one second it could take him into the past, the present, and the future. It followed his stream of thoughts and transmitted them as images to a sound tape.

His curiosity had been aroused; in USA more than 50 million people were spiritually interested believing in reincarnation. It could not be a coincidence that so many people all over the world shared the same dreams and visions about the universe and believed in civilizations elsewhere in space.

He himself had been reactivated one day via his memory, when he found out that he could travel in the future and conceive a lot of images, and from this he felt sure that his stream of thoughts could be filmed. Or could dig out what was in stock in his intelligence. He saw everything in 3D. That inspired the light device, which should be tested on himself and later, if everything turned out right, he would test it by recording the visions of a very spiritual person with abilities to travel through the universes.

The device would disclose the flowing distance of consciousness in the universe, would make possible a comparison of the streams of images of individuals, and would find out if relations were scientifically measurable. It would be exciting to learn about thoughts of other persons.

After long human studies he felt convinced about a life after death, and he firmly believed that a person sufficiently evolved could travel through time zones as a natural thing. (That is what future human beings will be able to do). He never told his colleagues about the source of his knowledge, because for them it would be too early to follow his ideas, but he wanted to talk to David one of these days.

Stanley settled himself comfortably in his chair, put on his helmet and began his inner journey. He wanted to try to bring out knowledge as a help to developing the present. He knew from previous lives that the questions had been solved regarding the three million different combinations of human genes, the way each individual gene can be read, and which single cell does not adapt to the genetic network. He also knew that the human body could actually last for several hundreds of years, because in Atlantis they were about to be that old. Once there was a gigantic computer, which could quickly read all the millions of genes via light, and special quartz crystals placed in one super computer made of pure light quartz hard discs capable to store enormous amounts of information.
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