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I met Sha Na Ra - love that skull. I did a workshop in Sedona with Nick Nocerino - when he was alive. The "Max" skull was there too. Been a crystal lover ever since.
It was the beginning of lots of transformational understandings and studies for me. I had a auyrevedic massage when visiting the Napa Valley and during that massage I had my first "minds eye" vision - which was startling because it was this very odd shaped looking skull. Later that year, back home, I was looking in Chapters bookstore for something spiritual to read and this book on Crystal skulls fell off the shelf. There was the odd shaped skull -
Sha Na Ra - great book. Later that year I found workshop announcement for down in Sedona hosted by Chet Snow. Barbara Marciniack, Nick Nocerino, Jane Anne Dow were some of the speakers. Sha Na Ra and Max were also attending. It was a very amazing weekend and the beginning of my journey. I've since gone on to learn Remote Viewing and have a very different view of the world and our existence now. I credit Sha Na Ra and Max for starting me on this journey.
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