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Default Unity Concert for The Black Hills Initiative

I may be out of range when this website gets populated with more information so I want to share it with you now:!book/citr

No doubt it will explain in detail but the basic story is this:
First Nation Tribes are working on coming to agreement for terms that will be offered to President Obama. He previously stated he would consider terms to return the Black Hills to our first nation people if there was agreement among them.

This effort is being called The Black Hills Initiative. A concert is being produced to raise great awareness among the general public of this endeavor.

Stay tuned!

via Wikipedia (I can't verify the accuracy)

Today, the Obama Administration has talked about settling the Black Hills land claim dispute. In a press statement, President Barack Obama gave hope of government negotiations and Native American self-determination. A tribal analysis stated that President Obama “is a strong believer in tribal sovereignty. He does not believe court or the federal government should force Sioux tribes to take settlement money for the Black Hills. He believes that tribes are best suited to decide how to handle the monetary award themselves.”[48]

The Sioux are re-emerging with new faith and are ready to start working with President Barack Obama where they have publicly announced their eagerness for “government to government negotiations to explore innovative solutions to resolve the long-standing dispute over the sacred Black Hills in a fair and honourable manner.“[48]

There is no current government activity on the Black Hills. However, on November 5, 2009 President Obama stated to the Native American population that "You deserve to have a voice,” and “You will not be forgotten as long as I'm in this White House."[49] This statement occurred after President Obama’s signature on a bill allowing agencies to submit paperwork in regards to methods and efforts of allowing Native American tribes to participate in and influence decisions in United States policies regarding tribal life.


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