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By far, this was probably one of the best interviews of Shirley that I, at least, have ever seen. It doesn't compare to the IE radio interview of SM that Dr. Gary Schwartz did in November/December of 2007, however, after Saging While Aging came out. He really dug deep with his questions and approached his interviewee with such genuine curiosity, and Shirley provided equally in depth responses. Schwartz also asked really specific questions about the book. Oprah did some of this, but my own curiosity left me wanting more.

I did have a moment when I yelled at the TV when Oprah failed to follow-up on Shirley's comment that she channelled What if . . .? If she did follow-up, that part was edited out of the show that aired. Second time I've seen an interviewer let that softball of a question lead in fall flat at the feet. So many questions could flower just from that one amazingly interesting and curious comment!

Overall, however, it really was a great conversation and much more satisfying, soulful, and thought provoking than others. Thank you, ladies!

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