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Smile Another ER EXperience with Sean T

Last Thursday, the 20th, Sean had to go back to the ER as he was bleeding from the bladder - majorly. So we spent about 8 hours there before they got the bleeding to stop. The major thing was, had I not been there, they would have sent him back to the facility still bleeding like they did the Tuesday before!!! I had to finesse, cajole and per sue the ER doc to get him to do what needed to be done and that was to call a Urologist when he couldn't get the bleeding to stop.

Then when the PA from the Urology Group showed up she had an attitude as well. When she told Sean what was needed, then he copped an attitude and she responded with "Then my hands are tied, I can't do anything for you, you'll have to go back to the facility." I held my hand up and said, "Wait!" I explained to Sean that this was a procedure not a permanent deal to get the bleeding to stop. He then said, "Oh, I misunderstood, okay, that is fine." Then I turned to the attitudinal PA and said, "Okay, do your stuff!"
She did and was able to flush out all the blood clots and therefore, the bleeding stopped. Mission accomplished! And we could then go home...

This hospital has just opened a new Emergency Facility and it seems the whole staff was stressed from new procedures to not being able to find needed supplies and whatever. It was this that allowed me to keep my cool. I knew I was dealing with a lot of stressed out staff. So, thankfully, I was able to proceed with finesse and to finally get the results that we were there to obtain.

As well, I see this as a blessing in disguise as we were presented with a new Urology Group. The one Sean has had has certainly dropped the ball and we needed some "new blood", yes a pun there indeed. Anyway, we have a follow up appointment on Friday the 28th and hopefully this doctor will be able to help Sean with the urinary tract infections and make some progress in that direction. As always, I look for the silver lining in every experience...

So, after walking forever in the hospital scenerio with this boot cast on, this 'ole girl is tired. Took Sean some lunch today and pushed myself as far as I could go. Taking tomorrow off to rest me self...

Thanking all of you for your continued prayers and loving intentions for us on this healing journey...

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