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Default Astrology Tid Bits on the Way

The upcoming column will be in part about the Aries New Moon correlating to the Equinox and that itís a Black Moon because itís the second New Moon in a month making it super special. The same day it will align with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto that prompts me to peer into the chart of the US and several other countries. Iíve been monitoring Russia in relation to its chart. April brings two eclipses (!), one solar and the other lunar that will be visible in North America and various parts of the world. The direct alignment between Uranus and Pluto, that has been in effect for a while and wonít settle down until March of 2015 is stirring unrest and volatility and now, with the eclipses already beginning to resonate calls for noticing what may unfold. For each personally, these are certainly attention getting energies though individual birth charts are the primary factor in readings that could have all types of angles to provide great opportunity. All last year I hinted at the ramifications of Uranus and Pluto and the past history when it was in effect so will bring that back into view for everyone. Naturally, we all hope for the best and have choice to work with the energy for the highest good rather than falling way to the lower octave and as is always in my presentations, I promote how to work with all celestial alignments in the best way and for that highest manifestation. Mars is still retrograde until May 19 reminding us about the need for balancing, refining and redirecting a few things in our lives. As you mention on Oprahís Soul Sunday, the world is disconnecting with nature, and that is very true. As I view responses to these powerful cosmic alignments. We have a choice to work with intense energy through revelation rather than revolt or disregarding all the signs and signals from the universe. Right now I'm writing about Venus for the upcoming column next week - Venus is about personal feelings, desires and how everyone relates to each other. One thing to look forward to is the positive energy on the way for communication.
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