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What is love? Hmmm...

Well, that's as deep a question as who are we when we take
our bodies off? Perhaps whoever it was that coined the phrase
"making love" for sexual intercourse was on to something.
Love the
creative force for re-creating itself.(In the case of a man and woman
anyway) What are they making but a ball of love that miraculously
transforms into a bundle of love that arrives clothed in baby.

But then for many (the first time anyway) that's the fantasy that turns
into a nightmare.
Too funny! Nothing prepares you for their first year
your first time. But i digress...

Eckhart Tolle states: "If you cannot recognize the formless in yourself,
you cannot recognize yourself in the other. To love is to recognize
yourself in another."

Perhaps we are recognizing love. And when we love, because we ARE
LOVE in essence; it's love we are loving. It's all a strange and wonder
filled mystery. Great show!

((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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