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Here is a passage that I marked in the book to be sure to post on SM's EBoard and get your insight:

"Plato believed strongly in the use of reason, logic, and argument in the attainment of truth and wisdom, but only up to a point, for in addition he was a great visionary who suggested that ultimately truth can only come to one in an almost mystical experience of enlightenment and insight. He accepted that there were planes and dimensions of reality other than the sensible, physical world and believed that the physical realm could be understood only by reference to these other, 'higher' planes of reality. Accordingly, he was interested mainly in the incorporeal, conscious component of man--the soul--and saw the physical body only as the temporary vehicle of the soul. It is not surprising, then, that he was interested in the fate of the soul after physical death and that several of his dialogues--especially Phaedo [is this the one where he discusses Atlantis?], Gorgias, and The Republic--deal in part with that very topic." ( p. 108).

Moody's discussion of Plato is in the part of the book where he contemplates other ancient accounts of the after life that are strikingly similar to the reports from Moody's patients. I know SM references Plato a lot during her interviews (mostly for the Atlantis connection). The above passage seems like a good description for this website--obviously, this is a community where it is safe to explore and discuss the "mystical experiences of enlightenment and insight," but at the same time, I find discussions here often grounded in a balanced dose of "reason, logic, and argument."

Of course, there are much more interesting passages about the actual experiences of those who have had near death experiences. Have any of you ever had a near death experience? What was it like?

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