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Default example of people who don't believe but confronted

I am going through a messy home situation.A wife and a girl friend.She'll like that one ok my soul mate through out time.
Anyway she finally found out.We had a fight of course and then said we try make it .IF I didn't and contact my girl friend.
So I let things die down for awhile then my girl friend started texting me and I her.
Mean while my wife who thinks this stuff is all bs.Gets this dream that we are starting up again, which we are.Confronts me with it. I lie to her.
THen I think man her spirit guide contacts her weather she believes or not.I thought that isn't fair ha ha.She should disregard such nonsence.See how the other side plays games in situations.Even the people who don't believe are contacted by there spirit guides in some noticeable manor.Each person has these constant flags about things .IF you are sensitive to information.
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