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Originally Posted by debabbott
Foots giving me a hassle...Whew...
Not so easy to heal at 63 as it was at 52...

My nerves hit a point today that all I could do was cry
So, the release was good, to start over again ...

I need some help is all that I can say. I can't do it all any more...
I am no longer be the "be all"...I need some help...

Thank you all for being here with me...I know, all I have to do is ask.
So, I'm asking....I'm so tired...


Awe Deb, I just want to hug you, and hug you again with Peg and Sean and most likely cry with you too, my heart and prayers are with you, along with love, light and energy to heal. Your sense of humor is strong, and now your new skill, asking for help will allow you more strength to heal.

Suggestion: My insurance is Medicare/Medical or Medicaid and was able to get this prescription, with no out of pocket cost to me, a portable "Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation" machine; it has re-useable stimulating electrodes that are self-sticking and has 10 levels of electrical strength. You have most likely seen them or maybe even used one in physical therapy, it has been very helpful with pain relief, along with an ice pack at the same time. And thank you to Brit for the information about "magnesium oil spray" very enlightening. Every Blessing.

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