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Default immortality of the soul,light energy

Recently I was able to let my soul or energy go from my body on command.I had read what it was like.the first time I was in bed alone during the early night .I put my mind in state of relation much like self hypnotise but not.As I am kind of expert at that.
Been doing that since I was 16.No this letting the light energy that is in our bodies trapped almost set free with me the human side observing.It does it anyway while we are asleep.First It was night but not late.I raise above through roof of my house there clouds dark and then lights below.Next thing
water below and stars and light in distance.I live near the ocean in California.I was seeing it with eyes for real.I could feel the pull but no wind.It was beautiful.It doesn't make you rich or save the world in anyway.But it confirms a belief that is more powerful in someones life then many things.Can't really tell anyone who understand but on this site.Which why I came back.Had to get private visa account to do it.As current wife is against this belief.More importantly the people I meet.The people who are awake.Its almost a curse sometimes.To be awake when everyone else is asleep to the truth.But once you know ,you cannot unknow.But it is a wonderus thing.
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