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Default The Universal Mind

It is the source of all.Parts of itself constantly break off to form new light energy we call ourselves on the other side.It is limitless and not only this world but all worlds everywhere.Although perfect it sends imperfect new light energy out to seek perfection.Then it comes back to the source.
Why does it do this when it is perfect?
To experience itself.It all happens they say on many planes all at once. Our lives as time is meanless on the other side.
The side life between life is very controlled and is under constant observation by your spirit guide in your cluster.Cluster meaning a group that was formed at the sametime and is like class together.They have personalitys even on that side and do give and take.Private thought waves can be done by touching the other light energy and only these two can hear.Many energy forms get attached to one another as try to come back.Over and over together at sametime .They could prevent it but they don't.Giving its children release of its desires to a degree.
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