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Default Non thuoght

Meditation is most powerful when you can enter a state of non thought. It is also useful to retain that state of awareness in your daily life as much as you can. “Why? you may ask. “What do you mean by non thought?” Stating it simply, it is the absence of words when you process information. It takes far less energy to interact with, or exchange energy within your consciousness if you can process meaning without words. For instance you can respond to an unspoken desire to walk across a room without having to say to yourself consciously, “I need to walk across the room.” Non thought enables you to instantly comprehend meaning. You do not have to build a bridge to cross a river; use words to perceive meaning. When you by pass words you use a higher level of perception. To quote Eric J. Pepin, "Non-thought is not, not thinking, it is thinking without the limitation of words." Practicing non thought facilitates the expansion and depth of perception.
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