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Default Im back steven harmon

March 19 flying to Baltimore..then driving to Las vegas with my soul up a lot to be with each other.but we didn't come back to this place from life between life to worry about money and houses.we came because only on this plane can we be as one.
My story in short .12 years ago I met Mary on this web site.Then I knew my search was other.when I was seven I had my first flash.Meaning seeing a translusion vision.It was black and white and I was in my bedroom.A group of people in a park in clothes of the 30s."What took you so long ,"a man said."Starting to worry your girl friend was about leave."
From that moment on I was looking for something and didn't know what.I tried many things from Hypnotises age 16 to many different jobs.Many books on many subjects.It was a wanting until I met mary and then I knew.
I have met many renown phyics.Study and have taken back to life between life.
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