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The principle order within our present fantasy is that God affects us thru the avenues we accept (Mthw 7:2) so our defense is to be steadfast within our principles of engagement; And when overwhelmed to wait without recourse as would a small child.

Enslaving god to our present constraining principle in order to provide stability within a context of preserving tender egos generates an adverse condition in that God could enslave us in return to a context He prefers.

Abolishing enslavement to principle means that God can interject into any proceeding with what we might interpret to be a no-holds-barred affront to sensibilities.

Given our genetic predisposition to resolve conflicts thru violence, and that time acclimatizes us to all forms of communication, the odds favor our capitulation even when adhering to the principle of Mthw 7:2

Unassigned elements may be barred from offering their input under the assumption that they are not held to account for their behavior; thus God defers to a principle of support and avoids frank discussion when there is a danger of affronting a tender ego.

God can be a power without restraint when un-enslaved to principle.
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