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February 24th, 2014


Thank you.

I just found out the book was published a bit over a year ago.

I hope that Sachi and Shirley were able to connect to try and resolve some of these issues.

I still hope for communication avenues to open for myself and my daughter.
Raymond comes and goes and of late we are at odds, but for me and him this is our relationship.

I guess parenting always brings learning lessons and growth from both ends.
I had difficulty growing up in dysfunction, and felt I would do things differently and failed.

The illusion of parenting skills, it's different for everybody, but parenting no matter how old children are is always difficult.

I found TG Louise Hay and it pulled me through a lot of my pain by learning to see and feel my parents as children and what challenges they had to face in their youth. It helped me come to some terms.

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