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Default WolfDog Exile Publishing's Distribution Etc/Story/Anthology

Hi Wolfdog,
Here is the info/distribution network for Exile Publishing's books etc. The anthology one of my new stories "Last Man Standing" will be in will be out, as you know, in Fall 2014. Will keep you posted. Truly appreciate the support and encouraging words from all here at ShirleyMaclaine. Means a lot to me. Here is info:

President/Publisher: Michael Callaghan
Editor-in-chief: Barry Callaghan
Administration and Accounting/Book Orders and Back List: Gabriela Campos
All other inquiries: General Information, or telephone: 519 334 3634
Additional information on launches and events, literary competitions, current news, and how to submit writing, can be found at:, or find us on Facebook at ELQ / Exile Editions, or for the Publisher’s page Exile Writers

Distribution and Sales Representation:
• Independent Publishers Group, North American/world distribution; sales outside Canada (Chicago: 1 800 888 4741)
• The Canadian Manda Group, Canadian sales, using our Canadia-specific catalogue. (Toronto: 416 516 0911)
• Canadian returns go to Fraser Direct in Georgetown, Ontario (905 877 4411)

Publisher's web site is:

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