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What is perfection? Can it not be that so called imperfection is, in actuality, perfection; imperfections enable differences that help us feel and explore life. If the perceived ideal of what constitutes perfection were to happen within our world, would humanity be ready for the static tranquility that could result? Is not the chaos we often endure a large motivator for growth and spiritual development? Has humanity learned to balance the positive and negative aspects of our existence to such a degree that humanity no longer needs difference or conflict to help motivate a desire for the benevolent well being of all life on the planet? Are we ready for heaven on earth?

Humanity's desire for perfection is often rooted in a desire to escape conflict yet it is the exchange of difference that expands our realities and stimulates our existence. Imperfection can be seen as a gift that both enables and motivates growth as well our ability to experience life in this dimension. Looking upon it in that light we can see that imperfection is, in actuality, a kind of perfection that facilitates life.

When difference is understood to be one of humanity's greatest assets, ideas or judgments attached to the ideals of perfection and imperfection will fade away. Conflicts caused by differences coupled with an idealized desire for perfection will vanish when it is realized ideals are only concepts created within the limitations of our thoughts, our judgments and our desires; perfection and imperfection are concepts we seek to satisfy or eliminate. They are mental tools, constructs that enable conceptual sensitivity and awareness that assist our spiritual development. They are not our actuality.
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