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Thank you Mary

yes this makes a great sense. Breathing sure is a powerful tool and I can imagine it being useful when dealing with past lives. And it must be important to have some ways, like you, to be able to actually benefit from these experiances.

Thank you spiritual journey is going ok I guess. Meditation is becoming a necassary part of my life to stay in contact with my self and the spiritual world, I so much feel the difference when I forget to take the time for it I would like to get more in contact with my past lives though.

Think I just have to tell you that for 12 years ago I went to a past lives therapist. I had high expectations for this meeting. Probably hoping she would say I once was a queen, someone famous ... or at least a nun. But all she could see were some many lives as a slave .... oh and yes .. a SMUGGLER that was thrown down the White cliffs. LOL I bet my face looked funny during that meeting.

Well today I love my past slave lives and just know ive gained something important from it that serves me and others in a positive way. Dont know about this smuggler live though

Take care Mary

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