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"Everything is energy and energy is in a constant state of flux.
While you and I have be conditioned to believe in a material based reality, quantum physics has proven that we and everything that appears to be matter are in fact 99.999 percent energy and only 0.001 matter."
...."You and I make up the Universe. Our subtlest conscious/unconscious positive/negative thoughts, and our emotional energies are exponentially accelerating."
...."With everything speeding up, our thinking is more prone to impulse, and our negative unconscious thoughts are manifesting as disease at a far greater force."
....."During this time of great change, its essential that we emphasize the importance of cultivating a higher consciousness to preside over our thoughts and emotions. More than ever, the manifest power of our thoughts and emotions has the potential to heal disease, but we must also keep in mind that these same thoughts and emotions can create disease."
Mark Mincolla PHD - "Whole Health"
You are an artist, you are unique, you are expressing your self.
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