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Default For Peg and Deb

Just over here gliding through these sagas and energies and thinking (probably too much) about all of this energy. Hope you are feeling better Deb. And Peg...hope you are feeling better and owning the fact that you need not take on the suffering of the world (which at times...I think you do!)
Re-remembering that the left side of our bodies is the female side of energy and the right side is male. Balancing these energies is kind of like a ballet wishing to be Swan Lake ...but, alas sometimes landing in the mud of our wishes without the benefit of exploring our karma in this life and in others. It just doesn't seem fair or add up at all...but, who are we ...lowly earthlings... or are we ...these magnificent earth creatures to judge or say? Perhaps, we are very, very brave on the other side before we arrive here all and fresh in this earthwalk. But...when we actually cross through the veil...alas... it is not at all what we expected or really thought we had bargained for this time around . It is , in fact, much harder than we expected.
I know that each of you (including Sean...very brave Sean...are true.) Worst of all, I know that there are no mistakes in the Universe. I wish it were not so... the guardians and allies reveal otherwise to me...alas! Love and gratitude are the answers as simpleminded as that may sometimes seem. Our minds are really not god minds or GOD OR GODDESS' matter how evolved we may or may not be. Sending lots of love to each of you and all of you as a family...which in fact, you are and have been for a very, very long time.

Love and Hugs,
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